Bravo Castelho de Portalegre

  Date of Birth: 10-11-2018
  Weight: 20 kg
  Height: 53cm
  HD: C1
  Breeding suitability Test: 27-6-2020
After staying a couple of days at the house of Carlos Costa, whereby I
had the opportunity to see the area from where the Serras original
come from, Alentejo, I flew home with Bravo.
He was then 4 months old.
Bravo has developed into a beautiful, friendly but above all
a well-balanced male.
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13-10-2019 Dortmund  (D) Bundessieger Bundesjugendsieger 2020 1 U CAC
01-03-2020 Groningen (NL) Martiny Dogshow 1U CAC CACIB BOB