About the breed...

This ancient breed is originally from the  Aires Plateau in Portugal where he is
used in herding sheep.
De Cao da Serra de Aires belongs to a group of European middle sized long-haired
Shepherd dogs that are closely related and look similar as:
the Pyrenean Sheepdog, the Gos d'Atura Catalan, the Polski Owczarek Nizinny
and the Dutch Schapendoes

Pyrenean Sheepdog

Gos d'Artura Catalan

Polski Owczarek Nizinny Dutch Schapendoes


His long coat makes him little sensitive to weather conditions

Characteristics of the Cao are:

playful, inquisitive, independant by nature, intelligent and true to their family.
They have a great adaptability and have a high degree of activity
This breed with his generally gentle character requires
a loving but also consistent training