About us...


We, Rob and Erica van der Poll, live since 2008 in the small village of Bockhorst, 
Lower Saxony, Germany.
We live here in a farmhouse on the outskirt of the village, in the middle of the nature resort
der Esterweger Dose on a plot of 5000 m2, together with our dogs,
cats, goats and chicken.


In the Netherlands  we have had various sheepdog breeds for many years  with whom

we trained in dog sports. In Germany we started keeping and breeding wire-haired

Kaninchen Dachshunds.
After several litters breeding these little rascals,
 we wanted  a sheepdog in our lives again.
We made a choice for the Cao da Serra de Aires.
We took her to various dog shows with the endresult:
the German Champion title. After passing the breeding-suitability test
we are ready to start breeding the Cao da Serra de Aires

In April 2019 we went to Portugal to bring Bravo home.

He is a young boy and our hope for the future !